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If you are curious on how to get your pet used to a pet carrier or how to give them a better travel experience these are some things we find useful:

♦ Choosing a pet carrier.

When considering getting a pet carrier for your little ones, its best to measure and weigh them first so you can get them the pet carrier that suits their size and weight class.

♦ Familiarizing your pet with their carrier.

Once you have chosen the perfect carrier for your pet, begin familiarizing it with them. Set up the pet carrier and leave it open for them (optional: with a few treats) to explore it for a few hours/days. This way they can recognize it as a safe place, put their scent on the carrier and mark it as theirs.

♦ Securing your pet in the carrier.

Depending on the pet carrier/brand there might be a inner harness strap for securing your pet further but not mandatory if they are not comfortable.  Zippers can be secured with locks if your pet is one of those who can claw/paw the zipper open. Never leave your pet unattended/unsupervised in a pet carrier.

♦ Traveling with your pet!

After your pet have familiarized themselves with their carrier, they are ready to travel with you. Consider the environment you are taking your pet to, many animals get frightened in unfamiliar or new environments so it would be good to let them adjust to the exposure of new surroundings by gradual, short trips outside before diving straight into adventure.

♦ Car rides with your pet.

If you are using a pet carrier to transport your pet via car, often a seat belt should be able to secure the carrier to the seat. This reduces shaking and movement of the carrier that can arise from road issues which might make your pet uneasy. 

♦ Flying with your pet.

Make sure you find a pet carrier that is airline approved if you are traveling with them via air. Many pet carriers can be brought as carry-on (in-cabin) if met with regulations. A vet may be able to prescribe some sleeping medication for your pet if it is a long journey if necessary. If possible, ensure that your pet is comfortable and have relieved themselves before taking off to reduce accidents on flight.

Happy travels pets & pawrents!