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Hold your bark, pups! If you’re searching for the perfect carrier, we pawmise, this is it! This right here is the number 1 travel accessory for all small pet owners.

This carrier is a life saver! Gracie is a very, and I mean VERY, nervous pup in new environments.

This past Christmas we vacationed to North Carolina together. We road tripped to NC and popped this carrier in the middle of the backseat and Gracie had her own traveling suite. She snuggled in there most of the ride. Even though we left the carrier open at the top, she still chose to hang out in there.

This carrier is a game changer with its Sound Absorbing Padded Barrier.

You can immediately hear the difference if you put your head inside (Yes, I did this). Call it your pups very own noise canceling headphones, but this makes traveling much easier for pups like Gracie.

We traveled home by plane and didn’t have to worry because this carrier is Airline Approved! Our TSA experience was a breeze and so was the plane ride. The carrier fit perfectly under the seat in front of me. I was able to roll back the privacy coverings on the top and side mesh windows so would be able to see me and not feel alone.

From personal experience and actual product quality this really is the best option for your pet.