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Pet Carrier 101

Prefer Pets Travel Gear: Pet Carrier Features, Highlights and Information

Prefer Pets Travel Gear has created many different designs and styles of pet carriers-- duffel, backpack, and tote. Find out about the exterior and interior features and perks our pet carrier bags have to offer! Designed for the utmost comfort, safety, quality and discretion for your pet's next adventure and travel!

Prefer Pets Travel Gear

Our Signature Privacy Covers

Many of our pet carrier designs feature our signature privacy covers! What's the purpose of this feature, you might wonder. Well, the roll up-and-down privacy covers on our 312 Hideaway Duffel (also Deluxe), 599 Privacy Carrier, 358 Privacy Backpack, 949 Urban Tote and 212 Metro Tote has many functions. This feature was awarded 2017 Best New Product by Fear Free Pets!

  • Protects from weather conditions and insulates your pet from Hot/Cold temperatures and wind.
  • Allows you to control the amount of stimuli your pet is given so that they are less fearful, anxious or stressed.
  • Provides a discreet shield when traveling.
  • Gives your pet a safe feeling and comforts them.

Prefer Pets Travel Gear 949 Urban Tote Pet Carrier

Tip: Our signature privacy covers are recommended for vet visits!
Durable Mesh for Windows and Entry Ways

All our Prefer Pets pet carriers are designed with very durable mesh with slight flexibility that is used for windows openings and entry ways for ample ventilation and visibility!

  • This mesh is able to withstand tricky scratching and escape tactics.
  • Our mesh is pet-safe - protects pet claws from injury, is strong, and secure. 

Prefer Pets Travel Gear

Tip: This mesh is wide which performs better than tightly woven mesh.
Compact Dimensional Structure Design

Unlike other pet carrier designs, ours do not collapse even when all entries are open. Our dome-shaped design also gives more head room for the pet-occupant. Every pet carrier we make also incorporates a padded interior and silky lining for premium comfort. Designed and built with an internal frame, support beams (not metal) and sturdy piping edges, our pet carriers can be displayed and maintain its shape without falling in on itself or the pet-occupant. 

  • Carefully placed support beams and framing fitted to each design add dimensional stability.

Prefer Pets Travel Gear 599 Privacy Duffel 312 Hideaway Duffel Black Red Plaid Pet Carrier

Tip: The 599 Privacy Carrier is the only one with removable flex frames.

Top Loading - Multiple Entries 

Veterinarians prefer if a pet carrier is equipped with a top entry for easier and less stressful access. The feature for top loading is also for pets who do not like to walk into their pet carriers when traveling and also serves as a plus for taller animals and additional feeding window from above. The Prefer Pets 599 Privacy Carrier (+ XL) and 312 Hideaway Duffel (+ Deluxe) have this 3-entry feature.

Prefer Pets Travel Gear 599 XL Privacy Duffel Black Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats

Tip: Leave your pet carrier out as a shelter space for your pet. Get them familiar, it is a portable home!

Comfortable Base Board & Pad

The base pad used in all of our pet carriers are made of faux fur and is detachable from the base board for easy laundering! Very comfortable and is a pleasant texture (like fleece) for felines. 

Replacements can also be bought here.

Prefer Pets Travel Gear Replacement Base Board and Liner Feature
Shoulder Strap

A shoulder strap is included in most of our pet carrier models with exception of our extended strap on the 566 Jet Carrier. Our 328 Pet Backpack and 358 Privacy Backpack utilizes two and is convertible! The shoulder strap is great if your hands are full during travel, carry your pet conveniently!

Prefer Pets Travel Gear 328 Pet Backpack Carrier Blue for Cats and Dogs

Detachable Harness

In the interior of all our travel designs there is an included detachable harness clip! For instances when your pet is rowdy and need to be extra secured or to be used in veterinary examinations. Always supervise your pet when using this feature!

Prefer Pets Travel Gear Inside Inner Removable Harness Strap

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