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The New Year is here!

2018 has come and will hopefully be another year where you can live life to the fullest with your fur-babies of course! This month we reviewed some facts for a healthy pet diet and fitness routine and want to share what we've found out:

Pet Health

Your pet's health is a very crucial part to their personality and everyday activities. Make sure your dog / cat gets the right diet so that they look good and feel good!

Canine's are said to be man's best friend... are you fueling your pup with the nutrients they need? Always give attention if your pet is sensitive or allergic to any foods which can be correlate to their breed and previous experience with certain foods.

Pre-prepped meals: If your life is busy and hectic, the go-to would be commercially mass produced dry/wet dog food- however, be sure to check the ingredients! The first should always be a source or protein; not a grain, filler, or some other additive that is probably not necessary for your healthy's pup's diet. Dogs have adapted over the years and can eat many things, to ensure the best performance for your pet make sure their getting what they need or consult your vet if a special nutritional plan is needed. 

Home-made meals: If you really care about what your pet is ingesting you can actually cook meals and freeze them if you have to store them over a period of time! Always defrost, never microwave as nutrients get lost in this process. There are many recipes available online by nutritionists. The University of California Davis offers services to make your pet a specialized recipe/nutritional plan depending on what their health requires! More information about UC David nutrition services can be found here.

Cat sniffing treat Ragdoll Kitten

If you've owned a cat, you know felines can be a bit more picky than dogs about food. A cat's diet is unlike other animals.

Felines run on protein. Like dogs, the first ingredient in store-bought meals for your kitty should be a source of protein. Protein gives your little tiger the energy they need to get through the day and function as needed. Always remember to leave out some water!

Raw diet: Some cat-lovers are known to feed their felines a raw diet-- raw chicken, raw turkey, liver and such. Again, always defrost; never microwave. Cats should have no problem devouring soft bones but as a precaution, always fillet the pieces of sharp/tough bone before it is time to be given. Always make sure the meat comes from a trustworthy source and if not eaten always dispose of leftovers as raw meat spoils when left out. It's instinct to eat raw meats but not all domesticated cats will go for it, sometimes transitioning time is needed to go from dry-wet-raw. A lot of water can be taken in through raw meats however always make a bowl of water accessible.

Canned food: Cats get ADDICTED to wet food. It's like a super flavorful treat which your kitty will just love to indulge in. Certain cats only like certain brands/formulas so we can't really say what's best in this case- they are picky eaters, after all. Wet/canned food is more leaner than dry food which can help manage overweight/extra hungry kitties but always watch the portions given.

Dry food & treats: The go-to for busy owners. Our tip for dry food is always check ingredients, grains and fillers aren't unnecessary for felines. Be sure your measuring the intake of dry food/ what your leaving out because cats can easily become over weight with dry food. In addition, dry treats are very fattening, as an alternative, freeze-dried treats are better for their health and consumption.

Although mainly carnivorous, cats enjoy eating wheat grass / cat grass / cat mint / catnip, in certain cases it helps with their digestion but make sure they don't over eat as it can make them sick.

Pet Fitness

Like mentioned in our Pet Product Holiday Wish List: Toys, Treats, Accessories and Travel! blog post, there is a very useful collar accessory for dogs known as the FitBark which helps track your pup's activeness and gives you a summary of their activities of the day. 

FitBark Fitness Accessory for Canines

Sadly, there isn't a handy gadget for felines but maybe someday one will be developed.

Depending on the breed of cat / dog correlates how much exercise they should get. Of course, note that bigger or working canine breeds require more exercise and can handle more than say, a pug, which is a designer breed. The same can be said for felines- the Bengal or Savannah cat requires more stimulation than the domesticated house cat. 

For dogs - a trip to the dog park is always great to get your pup socialized with others, make friends and let them get their energy out! If your pup is keen, agility courses are also great bonding, discipline, and exercise for them.

For cats - although felines have been studied to sleep 16 hours of the day, doesn't mean you can pass up a workout! Cats love to be interacted with to get them hopping, running, and hunting for toys or treats. 15 minutes of play can go a long way for your fur baby and it increases the bonding you have with them!

Studies have shown that pet's benefit your personal life as well! It's best to treat them how you would treat yourself. 

We welcome the New Year! What else are you looking forward to in 2018?