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December is a very busy month-- its the beginning of winter and the end of the year! The holidays are always a hectic season but we have some tips on how you can prepare and get through it with your pet!

Canine & Feline Holiday Prep Tips:

  • Travel: If you are traveling with your beloved furry companion make sure to get them a pet carrier and accessories that meets their needs and keeps them safe. Many people don't take into consideration the exposure many pet carriers have during travel. Be sure to pack essentials for warmth this winter, pets love to be cozy too and reduce their stress by giving them blankets.
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  • Party & Food: Got a holiday party planned? Be sure to safely put away the leftovers to prevent your pet from scavenging in the trash. Take in account the foods that are not good for canines and felines--such as: alcohol, candy / pastries (w/ xylitol), chocolate, onions & chives, eggnog, foods with nuts/nutmeg, raisins & grapes, and bone scraps (from Ham or Turkey) that are easily broken. If your household is too crowded or loud, consider leaving your pet in a quiet room so that they do not over stress about the situation.

Holiday Decorations: Pets and Christmas Trees don't always go together... that said, just take precautions if you'll have one around.

    • Ornaments should be secured and are of safe material, if your decorations are delicate, perhaps wait until your pet is accustomed to the tree's location before putting things up; don't risk your pet knocking them over or stepping and hurting their paws over the sharp scraps.
    • Poinsettias, Holly, Amaryllis, and Mistletoe are toxic to felines and canines so although they are a symbol of festivities, make sure your place them in a place not accessible to your fur babies.
    • Fake VS Real Tree: A fake Christmas tree is a good alternative if your budgeting and are Eco-conscious. However, your pets might want to eat the faux pines so be careful. A living pine tree is generally non-toxic to canines or felines but their sap can cause an upset stomach if ingested and pines can easily prick their vision. 
    • Fireplace: Of course in cold weather, everyone enjoys some warmth around a good fireplace or heater. Fur is as flammable as nicely dried tinder. Your pet's fur can be easily scorched so make sure they are in safe distance from a live fireplace (as embers spark off) or heat radiator which can also cause their skin to be excessively dry or overheat. Coconut oil can be safely used for chapped noses, paws, or on fur if a little moisture is needed.
    • New Years: New Years parties can get rowdy. If your drinking, keep alcohol away from your pets as intoxication can harm them since they cannot digest it the way humans do. Will you have sparklers or fireworks to welcome the new year? If your pet doesn't like loud bursts (like July 4th / Independence Day) keep them company and occupied to comfort their distress-- like our Christmas party tip, leave them in a room and put on some calming music if your busy in the living space with guests.

    The Holidays are a happy time and everyone looks forward to the changing of the year. Don't be too stressed! It's a time to celebrate and your pet probably wants to party it up with you too.